Darrens Credits
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Darren McGavin

Film, Television and Audio Credits

cross.jpg (84115 bytes)

"She Wouldn’t Say Yes"           theatrical release                          1945
                                                    (GI in hospital – no lines
"Kiss and Tell"                          theatrical release                          1945
                                                    (GI standing in line for a kiss)


"A Song To Remember"           theatrical release                          1945
                                                    (one line; played a Polish peasant)
"Counter-Attack"                      theatrical release                          1945
                                                    (first Russian paratrooper to jump off plane)
"Fear"  (uncredited)                    theatrical release                           1946
                                                    (Darren said his character's name was "Whitey")
                                                    Monogram Pictures: aka "Suspense"
War Department Training Film    "The Miracle of Living"              1947

Old Knickerbocker Music Hall; "The Times Square Story" (Unsold mystery pilot
challenging the viewer to guess the guilty party.  The pilot episode challenged viewers to guess the murderer of a theatrical agent.  With Maureen Stapleton, Jack Lemon, Sallie Gracie, Madeliene Lee.  This was one of the first TV programs to experiment with live remote pickups.  A combination mystery drama and game show, it was broadcast live from the Old Knickerbocker Music Hall, a Gay Nineties Revue, in New York City.

Lamp Onto My Feet                     episode of this religious series         1949  CBS
Big Town                                        episode                                          1950 or 1951
Studio One                                     episode                                          1951  CBS
Lights Out                                      episode                                          1951  NBC
"Queen for a Day"                        theatrical release                            1951
        aka:  "Horsie"
 CRIME PHOTOGRAPHER      Series Regular                                  05/03/1951  CBS
        Darren replaced Richard Carlyle as Casey on 05/03/1951  The series ran
        until the following year and was broadcast live from New York City.)
Tales of Tomorrow                        "The Duplicates"                                07/04/1952  ABC
Playhouse 15                                "I Forgot to Remember"                     1952
Goodyear Television Playhouse  "The Witness"                                     08/17/1952  NBC
Goodyear Playhouse                    episode                                              1952  NBC
Danger                                          episode                                              1952  CBS
Armstrong Circle Theatre           "Recapture"                                         09/02/1952  NBC

Darren128.jpg (109792 bytes)    Armstrong Circle Theatre was an early anthology series, with stories based on true stories.  It was produced from New York.  The above photo also includes Barbara Baxley and John Stephen.

Goodyear Playhouse                    "Better Than Walking"                         10/26/1952  NBC
The Web                                       "Turn Back"                                        11/09/1952  CBS
    Darren starred as a prizefighter accused of throwing a bout; co-starring Joan Copeland.  This original mystery was written by Henry Kane.  (see photo in Darren's Photo Gallery.)
Suspense                                      "For the Love of Randi"                        07/15/1952  CBS
Short Short Drama                      "The Double Cross"                              03/17/1953  NBC
Mirror Theatre                            "The Enormous Radio"                         07/21/1953  NBC
Philco Playhouse                          "The Rainmaker"                                  08/16/1953  NBC
U.S. Steel Hour                            episode                                               1953            CBS
The Revlon Mirror Theatre        episode                                              1953            NBC
Suspense                                      "An Affair With A Ghost"                    01/26/1954  CBS   
TV Soundstage                            "'XXXX' Isn't Everything                    04/09/1954  NBC
Kraft Theatre                              "Unequal Contest"                              04/29/1954  ABC
I Remember Mama                   
episode                                              05/28/1954  CBS 
Kraft Theatre                             
"Blind Alley"                                      06/10/1954   ABC
Studio One                                  "Fandango at War Bonnet"                 06/21/1954   CBS
"Night of the Heat Wave"                  10/25/1954    CBS  
Omnibus                                        episode                                           11/28/1954    CBS
Campbell TV Soundstage            episode                                            1954             NBC
"The Man with the Golden Arm"    theatrical release                          1955
"The Court-Martial of
                     theatrical release                           1955
        Mitchell"  (aka:  "One Man Mutiny")
"Summertime"                                theatrical release                             1955
        (aka:  "Summer Madness"
The Passerby                                episode                                             1955            ABC
It's Always Jan                              episode                                            1955             CBS
Alfred Hitchcock Presents            "Triggers in Leash"                           10/16/1955  CBS
Armstrong Circle Theatre             "The Town that Refused to Die"       11/29/1955  NBC
    This episode was about the story of Sanford, Maine (pop. 15,700), which rallied its citizens when its major industry collapsed, and placed itself, by almost superhuman effort, on the road back to security and self-respect.  Darren McGavin played Carl Broggi, the young man who spearheaded the town's drive to regain prosperity.  Broggi (who was, in 1955, the Commissioner of Industry for the state of Maine), also appeared on the Circle Theatre "actual."

Alfred Hitchcock Presents            "The Cheney Vase"                          12/25/1955  CBS
Armstrong Circle Theatre            "Terror at my Heels"                          02/21/1956  NBC
Alcoa Hour                                "Archangel Harrigan"                             06/24/1965  NBC
    Darren portrayed a young man who claimed he could fly and Janice Rule played a native Kentucky woman who believes in him.  This unusual romantic comedy was written by Lorenzo Semple, Jr.  (see photo in Darren's Photo Gallery.)
Robert Montgomery                   "Sunset Boulevard"                             12/03/1956  NBC
Climax Theatre                            episode                                               1956            CBS
"The Delicate Delinquent"            theatrical release                               1957

Darren114.jpg (41572 bytes)    Darren112.jpg (81885 bytes)    Darren113.jpg (30816 bytes)    Darren115.jpg (42073 bytes)
"Beau James"                              theatrical release                                 1957
Alcoa Hour                                "The Original Miss Chase"                      03/17/1957   NBC
Studio One                                "First Prize for Murder"                           09/16/1957   CBS
"The Case Against Brooklyn"    theatrical release                                 1958

Darren105.jpg (38871 bytes)    Darren106.jpg (41245 bytes)    Darren107.jpg (46459 bytes)

MIKE HAMMER                            Series Regular                          01/28/58         CBS
        ( aka: Mickey Spillane’s "Mike Hammer")
Mike Hammer                           
Series Returning                               1959               CBS
Studio One                                   "Fair-Haired Boy"                            03/03/1958    CBS
Decision                                       "Man Against Crime"                       09/21/1958     NBC
The Tennessee Ernie                   episode                                          1959               NBC
    Ford Show
RIVERBOAT                              Series Regular                                  09/13/1959    NBC
RIVERBOAT                              Series Returning                                09/19/1960   NBC
  (Series ran until 01/16/196
Witchcraft                                    Unsold Revue pilot (guest star)         1960
        (Revue was the television division of Universal Studios)
The Islanders                              "Island Witness"                                02/06/1961    NBC
Stagecoach West                        "A Place of Still Waters"                    04/11/1961    ABC
Death Valley Days                     "The Stolen City"                               04/12/1961    NBC
  (aka:  Western Star Theatre)
Route 66                                    "The Opponent" (season premiere)     06/02/1961    CBS
Rawhide                                    "The Incident of the Sendoff"              10/06/1961    CBS
Purex Specials For Women      "The Problem Child"                          08/31/1962    NBC
        (with:  Simon Oakland)
U.S. Steel Hour                          "Marriage Marks the Spot"              11/14/1962     CBS
The Defenders                           "Everybody Else is Dead"                05/11/1963     CBS
HIDE AND SEEK                      hour-long series pilot                        1964
        (aka:  McCAFFREY)          Darren was set to star in this; never aired
"Bullet For A Badman"             theatrical release                              1964
The Virginian                             "The Intruders"                                  03/04/1964     NBC
Alfred Hitchcock Theatre         "A Matter of Murder"                        04/03/1964     CBS
Bob Hope Chrysler Theatre     "The Game With Glass Pieces"          05/01/1964     NBC
Doctors/Nurses                          episode                                            10/27/1964     CBS
Ben Casey                                  "Kill the Dream but Spare                11/02/1964     ABC
                                                     the Dreamer"
The Defenders                            "A Taste of Ashes"                            11/12/1964     CBS
Bob Hope Chrysler Theatre      "Parties to the Crime"                         11/27/1964    NBC
"The Great Sioux Massacre     theatrical release                                1965
        (aka:  "The Custer Massacre," "The Great Sioux Raid," "Massacre at the Rosebud")
The Rogues                                "The Diamond-Studded Pie"              01/31/1965    NBC
Gunsmoke                                  "Twenty Miles From Dodge"              04/10/1965    CBS
Gunsmoke                                  "The Hostage"                                   12/04/1965    CBS
          (with:  Simon Oakland)
Dr. Kildare                                "From Nigeria With Love" (Part 1)       12/13/1965    NBC
                                                   "In the Roman's Candle's Bright Glare   12/21/1965    
                                                   "When Shadows Fall (Part 3)                12/20/1965
                                                   "With this Ring" (Part 4)                        12/21/1965
Confidential for Women           Afternoon serial                                     04/25 -            ABC
                                                   Darren did an entire week as a              04/29/1965
                                                   guest star playing Andy, a young husband
                                                   who cheats on his wife.
Court-Martial                           "All Roads Lead to Callaghan"                05/20/1966    ABC
                                                  (filmed at Pinewood Studios, England)
Felony Squad                           "The Streets are Lined with Quicksand"    09/12/1966    ABC
                                                  Series premiere
Gunsmoke                                "Gunfighter, R.I.P."                                 10/22/1966    CBS

auto10.jpg (33450 bytes)
"Ride the High Wind"             theatrical release                                                  1966
        (aka: "African Gold")
Cimarron Strip                         "The Legend of Jud Starr"                      09/14/1967    CBS
The Virginian                           "The Deadly Past"                                  09/20/1967    NBC
The Man From U.N.C.L.E.     "The Deadly Quest Affair"                     10/30/1967    NBC
Mission: Impossible                "The Seal"                                             11/05/1967    CBS
Custer                                      "Desperate Mission"                               11/08/1967    ABC
"The Outsider"                        telefilm/pilot                                          11/21/1967    NBC
"Mission Mars"                      theatrical release                                   1968

Darren120.jpg (34485 bytes)    Darren121.jpg (43550 bytes)
THE OUTSIDER                     Series Regular                                      1968-1969    NBC
        (the premiere episode, "For Members Only" and the series finale,
         "Service For One" guest-starred Kathie Browne.)
        "The 48-Hour Mile" and
        "Anatomy of a Crime" were each made from two OUTSIDER episodes)
World of Disney                        "Boomerang, Dog of Many Talents"      09/22 -            NBC
        (two-part episode)                                                                           09/29/1968
The Name of the Game            "Shine On, Shine On, Jesse Gil"            11/01/1968    NBC
        (Co-starring Kathie Browne)
"The Challengers"                  telefilm                                                   03/28/1969        CBS
The Name of the Game          "Good-bye Harry"                                  10/24/1969        NBC
                                                Darren replaced Tony Franciosa and was
                                                scheduled to step in as a series regular,
                                                playing reporter Sam Hardy, but Tony
                                                Franciosa returned.
"The Challenge"                    telefilm                                                       02/10/1970            ABC
Love American Style             "Love and the Fly"                                      03/13/1970            ABC
Mannix                                    "A Ticket to the Eclipse"                            09/19/1970            CBS
        (season premiere)
The Name of the Game            "The Battle of Gannon's Bridge"                10/09/1070            NBC
"The Berlin Affair"                    telefilm                                                   11/02/1970            NBC
        (Co-starring Kathie Browne)

Darren110.jpg (69427 bytes)    Darren111.jpg (103670 bytes)
"Tribes"                                    telefilm                                                    11/10/1970            ABC
        (aka:  "The Soldier Who Declared Peace")
Bracken's World                      "Infinity"                                                    11/20/1970            NBC
Matt Lincoln                            "Billy"                                                        12/10/1970            ABC
"Mrs. Polifax, Spy"                 theatrical release                                        1971
"The Death of Me Yet"          telefilm                                                      10/26/1971        ABC        Banyon                                     telefilm/pilot                                                03/15/1971            NBC
"Cade's County"                    "Homecoming"                                            09/19/1971            CBS
        (series premiere)

Darren109.jpg (36217 bytes)
The Bold Ones: The Lawyers    "The Invasion of Kevin Ireland"               09/26/1971            
        (with Kathie Browne; series premiere)
"The Night Stalker"                  telefilm                                                    01/11/1972            ABC
"Something Evil"                       telefilm                                                   01/21/1972            CBS

Darren203.jpg (84971 bytes)
"The Rookies"                          telefilm/pilot                                            03/07/1972                  FATHER ON TRIAL                30-minute comedy pilot                          09/03/1972            NBC
                                                  Darren played a widower-judge with six
                                                  kids who marries a young actress, played
                                                  by Barbara Feldon; Warner Brothers
"Say Goodbye, Maggie Cole"    telefilm                                                09/27/1972        ABC

Darren200.jpg (113368 bytes)    Darren201.jpg (100951 bytes)    Darren202.jpg (64521 bytes)
World of Disney                "The High Flying Spy"                                    10/22, 10/29        NBC
                (three-part episode)                                                                  11/05/1972
"The Night Strangler"                telefilm; sequel to "The Night Stalk       01/16/1972        ABC
"43 - The Richard Petty Story"    theatrical release                               1972
        (co-starring Kathie Browne)
        (aka:  "Smash-Up Alley," "The Petty Story")
"The Six Million Dollar Man"    telefilm/pilot                                        03/03/1973
"Run Stranger Run"                theatrical release                                    1973
           (co-starring Kathie Browne and Simon Oakland)
                                            Darren did not act in this film, but his
                                            photograph was used as "George")
        (aka:  "Happy Mother's Day, Love, George")

Darren100.jpg (45143 bytes)    Darren102.jpg (40278 bytes)    Darren101.jpg (27073 bytes)

"B Must Die"                      theatrical release - Spanish language          1973
        (aka: "Hay que Matar a B")
                                            This was a co-production of El Iman Films of
                                            Madrid and Taurean Films of Zurich -
                                            the McGavin's film company.

Darren116.jpg (38490 bytes)    auto6.jpg (27305 bytes)

The Evil Touch (Australian Thriller-anthology series; 1973-4, hosted by Anthony Quayle;
        Episode 6:  "A Game of Hearts"  10/21/73 ABC
        Episode 11: "George" 11/25/73 ABC
        Episode 21; "Gornak's Prism" 03/03/74  ABC with Kathie Browne
"Cop Killer"                                             01/01/1974
Owen Marshall,                    "A Foreigner Among Us"                       02/02/1974
    Counselor at Law   
Police Story                        "The Ripper"                                            02/12/1974
        (co-starring Kathie Browne
Wild World Special            hosted by Alan King, who takes a            09/06/1974
                                        light-hearted look at ABC's fall schedule;
                                        Darren interviewed
KOLCHAK:                 Series Regular                                               1974-1975            ABC
    Co-starring Simon Oakland
    Episode, "Sentry" guest-starred Kathie Browne                             03/28/1975            ABC
    ("Night Stalker: Two Tales of Terror" and
     "Crackle of Death" were each made from two NIGHT STALKER episodes)
"No Deposit, No Return"        telefilm                                            1976
     (aka: "Double Trouble")
"Law and Order"                    telefilm                                             1976

Darren103.jpg (40185 bytes)    Darren104.jpg (39427 bytes)

"Brinks: The Great Robbery"      telefilm                                        1976
Anyone For Tennyson?              "The Men Who Marched Away:
                                                      Poetry From Workd War 1"          03/09/1977        PBS
"Airport '77"                                theatrical release                           1977

darren96.jpg (59472 bytes)

darren95.jpg (53357 bytes)    darren90.jpg (58995 bytes)    darren94.jpg (55929 bytes)

darren91.jpg (67113 bytes)    darren93.jpg (51127 bytes)    darren92.jpg (45603 bytes)

"Zero to Sixty"                                theatrical release                                    1978
        Produced by:  Katherine Browne; the working title was "Repo"
"The Users"                                    telefilm                                                    1978
"Hot Lead and Cold Feet"             theatrical re                                             1978
Fantasy Island                                "The Tiger Jamporie"                               11/04/1978
Wonderful World of Disney           "Donovan's Kid"                                      01/07 -
                                                        (two-part drama)                                      01/14/1979

Darren118.jpg (86526 bytes)
"Ike"                                              miniseries                                                 05/03, 04,06/1979
                                                        Originally aired as a three-part (six hour)
                                                        miniseries; syndicated as, "Ike: The War Years,"
                                                       or, "Eisenhower: The War Years"
Home Again                                 "The Battle of the Generations"                   06/27/1979    NBC
                                                     (first of four segments)
"Love for Rent"                          telefilm                                                       11/11/1979    ABC
"Waikiki"                                    telefilm                                                       04/20/1980
"Hanger 18"                               theatrical release                                         1980
        (aka:  "Invasion Force" - with a new ending)                    

"The Martian Chronicles" miniseries 1980; Segment "The Martians".  Originally a six-hour/three part miniseries) 01/27, 01/28, 01/29/1980 NBC        darren89.jpg (162457 bytes)    Darren108.jpg (134659 bytes)

Love Boat                                    "The Panama Special" - 2-hour special         11/01/1980
                                                     (filmed aboard the Princess cruise ship
                                                     on location; co-starring Kathie Browne)
"Firebird 2015 A.D."                  theatrical release                                          1981
Nero Wolfe                                  "Gambit"                                                      04/03/1981
Magnum P.I.                                "Mad Buck Gibson"                                    11/26/1981
SMALL & FRYE                         Series Regular/Nick Small                           03/07/1983    CBS
                                                      Walt Disney Productions
"A Christmas Story"                   theatrical release                                         1983
Tales of the Unexpected             "Heir Presumptuous" 05/07/1983 UK airdate
                                                       30-minute UK anthology series from Angelia Television for ITV
                                                       network; directed by Philip Leacock.  (This episode was
                                                       filmed in the US on 16mm film.)
"The Return of Marcus              telefilm                                                        1984
    Welby, M.D."
"The Baron and the Kid"            telefilm                                                        1984

Darren119.jpg (89336 bytes)
"The Natural"                              theatrical release (uncredited)                      1984
Tales From the Darkside           "Distant Signals"                                            1985        NN
"My Wicked, Wicked Ways...    telefilm                                                         1985
     The Legend of Errol Flynn"
"Turk 182!"                                theatrical release                                           1985
"Raw Deal"                                                                                                    1986
        (aka: "Triple Identity")
Worlds Beyond                         "Voice from the Gallows"                                1986
The Hitchhiker                          "Nightshift"                                                     03/11/1986        NN
"Power, passion and Murder"    telefilm                                                       1987
"From the Hip"                                                                                             1987
Great Performances/                "A Table at Ciro's"                                        11/00/1987
    Tales From the Hollywood Hills
Highway to Heaven                    "The Correspondent"                                   02/24/1988
"Inherit the Wind"                      telefilm                                                       1988
"Dead Heat"                                theatrical release                                       1988
"The Diamond Trap"                  telefilm                                                      1988
Unclaimed Fortunes                        Host/special which dramatizes ways        05/11/1989    ABC
                                                      in which viewers can actually attempt to
                                                      reclaim fortunes that may belong to them.
"Around the World in 80 Days"    miniseries                                                1989
Monsters                                    "Portrait of an Artist"                                    1989            NN
Murphy Brown                            "Brown Like Me"                                        11/27/1989
                                                    (two-part episode broadcast as part
                                                     of a 60-minute episode; first of three
                                                     episodes where Darren plays a recurring role)
Kojak                                          "It's Always Something"                                1990
"Child in the Night"                        telefilm                                                    1990
        (aka: "Testimore oculare" - Italian production)   
"By Dawn's Early Light"            telefilm                                                        1990
"Blood and Concrete"                telefilm                                                         1991
        (aka:  "Blood and Concrete, A Love Story"
G.M. Mark of Excellence            "Clara"                                                       1991
"Perfect Harmony"                        telefilm                                                     1991
Murphy Brown                                "Full Circle"                                              10/14/1991
"Captain America"                            theatrical release                                   1992
"Happy Hell Night"                            theatrical release                                  1992
        (aka:  "Frat Night")
Murder, She Wrote                        "Angel of Death"                                        05/03/1992
Civil Wars                                        "Shop 'till You Drop"                                1992
Murphy Brown                                "I'm Dreaming of a Brown Christmas"        12/14/1992
"Mastergate"                                  direct-to-cable Showtime telefilm              1992    
"Profiles in Cancer"                        special                                                      1992
"The American Clock"                   telefilm                                                      1993
        (aka:  "Arthur Miller's 'The American Clock'")
"Perfect Harmony"                                                                                         1993
"A Perfect Stranger"                       telefilm                                                     1994
        (aka:  "Danielle Steel's 'A Perfect Stranger'")
"Gargoyles"                                    voice of G.F. Benton                                1994
"Fudge-A-Mania"                           telefilm                                                     1995
"Derby"                                           telefilm                                                     1995
Sisters                                              "Judgement Day"                                       04/01/1995
"Billy Madison"                              theatrical release                                      1995
Burke's Law                                    "Who Killed the King of the Country Club?"    07/06/1995
"Gargoyles"                                   "Silver Falcon" - voice of Dominic Dragon    09/12/1995
The Commish                                  "Father Image"                                            12/07 -
                                                         (two-part episode)                                      12/14/1995
"Still Waters Burn"                                                                                          1996
Grace Under Fire                            episode                                                       05/01/1996
Touched By An Angel                     "Missing in Action"                                      04/13/1997
Millennium                                     "Midnight of the Century"                            12/19/1997
"Smalltime"                                    theatrical release                                        1998
        (aka:  "Waiting for the Man"
X-Files                                            "Travelers"                                                 03/29/1998        FOX
X-Files                                            "Agua Mala"                                              02/21/1999  
"Pros and Cons"                            theatrical release                                        1999

Directing Credits

Riverboat                                 Riverboat                                 "The Blowup"                                           01/17/1960             "The Blowup"                                           01/17/1960                                                                                             
"Happy Mother’s Day, Love George" (aka:  "Run Stranger Run")

"American Reunion"                     theatrical release (never released?)                 1976 
viewed at the Toronto Film Festival 10/23/76 - 16mm

Writing Credits

"American Reunion"                           theatrical release (never released?)                  1976
                                                         Toronto Film Festival 10/23/76
        Written with:  Katherine Browne


"Miracles and Other Wonders"      5 episodes                                                    1992

"All the King’s Horses" - 23 minutes - Traces the bloodlines of the Clydesdale horses from their native Scotland to present-day. Filmed on location in Scotland.

Game Shows/Talk Show

Password (b/w) – with Carol Burnett
01/15/71 – Virginia Graham – with Kathie Browne
02/08/71 – The Movie Game (host Larry Blyden) – one week/5 episode appearance with Elizabeth Ashley, Lloyd Haynes, Celeste Holm, William Windom
03/16/71 – Merv Griffin (for St. Patrick’s Day – wore green shoes)
03/23/71 – Mike Douglas (NYC)
04/19/71 – "Mantrap" talk show; topic: American women in politics
08/02 – 08/06/71 – "Password" – with Amanda Blake
01/30/72 – "Kid Talk"
*05/22 – 05/27/72 – "Password" with Dina Merrill 
03/12 – 03/16/73 – "Password" – with June Lockhart
05/28-06/1/1973 – "It’s Your Bet" - with Kathie Browne
09/11 –15/75 – "Tattletales" – with Kathie Browne
10/07/75 – "Mike Douglas" – a salute to famous monsters (wearing his Night Stalker clothes)
08/25/75 – "Dinah"
11/1975 – "Don Adams Screen Test" – "playing" Humphrey Bogart in "To Have and Have Not" – Kathie Browne made an appearance to come in and kiss Darren
1976 – "Celebrity Sweepstakes" (#1)
1976 – "Celebrity Sweepstakes" (#2)
1976 – "Celebrity Sweepstakes" (#3)
05/31 – 06/04/76 – "Celebrity Sweepstakes" (#4) Arte Johnson, Christopher Stone, Lynn Anderson, Virginia Graham, Carol Wayne
11/19/76 – "Celebrity Sweepstakes" (#5) – Anson Williams, Virginia Graham, Jimmie Walker, Dick Gautier, Carol Wayne (Friday night episode only; 6th seat)
12/31/76 – "Celebrity Sweepstakes" (#6) Jo Anne Worley, Dody Goodman, Pat McCormick, Jimmie Walker, Carol Wayne (Friday night only – 3rd seat)
01/21/77 – "Celebrity Sweepstakes" (#7) Jo Anne Worley, Dody Goodman, Pat McCormick, Carol Wayne (Friday night episode only; 3rd seat)
02/25/77 – "Celebrity Sweepstakes" – Jo Anne Worley, Dody Goodman, Pat McCormick, Jimmie Walker, Carol Wayne (Friday night episode only; 3rd seat)
01/04 - 01/08/77 – "Tattletales" – with Kathie Browne - mustache
01/13/77 – "Mike Douglas Show" – Co-host Rex Reed – taped at Chasen’s Restaurant "live" – with Kathie Browne – talked about his 5 TV series
03/22/77 – "Mike Douglas Show" – talked about "Airport ‘77"; did an inspired reading of Edgar A. Poe's "The Tell-tale Heart"
05/05/79 – Patsy Awards – Darren as a presenter (show taped August, 1978 at Magic Mountain) – recognizing animals in TV and film; hosted by Betty White
1980 - All-Star Family Feud - Kathie introduced from the audience - stars from the Love Boat Special
10/31/80 - "Games People Play" -


Heublen cocktails (print media)

Carling Black Label beer – film; Camping ad; Sitting in chair on set ad 

Audio Books Presentations


Space – by James A. Mitchener (1985)

John D. MacDonald
(Travis McGee novels)

1)  The Deep Blue Good-By (1987)
2)  The Empty Copper Sea (1987)
3)  Pale Gray For Guilt (1987)
4)  A Purple Place For Dying (1987)
5)  A Deadly Shade of Gold (1988)
6)  The Dreadful Lemon Sky (1988)
7)  Dress Her In Indigo (1988)
8)  The Quick Red Fox (1988)
9)  Bright Orange For The Shroud  (1989)
10) The Girl in the Brown Paper Wrapper (1989)
11)  The Lonely Silver Rain (1989)
12)  Nightmare in Pink (1990)
13)  The Long Lavender Look (1990)
14)  One Fearful Yellow Eye (1990)
15)  The Scarlet Ruse  (1990)
16)  The Turquoise Lament  (1991)
17)  The Green Ripper (1991
18)  Freefall in Crimson (1993)
19)  A Tan and Sandy Silence (1993)


1) The Bourne Identity (1987)
2) The Bourne Supremacy (1989)
3) The Bourne Ultimatum (1990)