Kathies Credits
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Kathie Browne

Film and Television Credits

"Murder by Contract" theatrical release 1958       

Gunsmoke; "Cows and Cribs" 12/07/1959
Coronado 9; "Careless Joe" - 1959 episode
"City of Fear" theatrical release 1959
Shotgun Slade; "A Flower on Boot Hill" 06/11/1960
The Man From Blackhawk; "Drawing Account" 02/12/1960
Tombstone Territory; "The Lady Lawyer" 02/19/1960
Two Faces West; "Prognosis: Death" 10/24/1960
Perry Mason; "The Case of the Provocative Protégé" 11/12/1960
Wagon Train; "The Jane Hawkins Story" 11/30/1960
"Cinderfella" theatrical release 1960
Sea Hunt; "Cobalt Bomb" 1960


"Studs Lonigan" theatrical release (uncredited)
Based on the book by the same name, written by James T. Farrell, "Studs Lonigan" was filmed in 1960 and released in 1961. Filmed by United Artists and directed by Irving Lerner (with whom Kathie would work three times), the film was advertised as "following the book to the letter" - a letter which had gotten the publication criticized, censured, denounced blackballed and blacklisted "by every civic and religious group in the land."

Highlighting the explosive film is a wild party scene.  It starts out as a Chicago ward-heelers' celebration, during the speakeasy era, which rapidly degenerates into an orgy.  Kathie Browne is the focal point of the party scene, as she is mauled, almost stripped, kissed with drunken violence, forced to run downstairs in her undergarments to avoid being raped, set-upon by lecherous drunks, and tugged about by jealous girls.

Kathie's part lasted approximately ten minutes on the screen (considerably less in the now out-of-print video), but received wide acclaim in pre-release reviews.  The roughness of the party scene surprised even director David Lerner, who had set it up.  It appeared his players got "carried away" with their roles, but he let the cameras roll because "he knew the scene would sell tickets."

For her role in the film, Kathie received scale pay - $100 and enough black-and-blue marks to convince anyone it was a hard way to earn a living.

"And it all happened to a girl whose first role was Water in Maeterlinck's Bluebird, back in grade school," quipped Kathie. 


Christopher Knight   
Frank Gorshin
Phil Arnold
Suzi Carnell
Robert Casper
Carolyn Graig
Rita Duncan
Dick Foran
Jack Nicholson









Produced by:  Philip Yordan                       
Directed by:  Irving Lerner
Screenplay by:  Philip Yordan
Music by:  Jerry Goldsmith
Cinematography:  Haskell Wexler
Editing:  Verna Fields
Art Direction:  Jack Poplin





Frequent costume repairs and body make-up checks were required to complete the grueling 12-hours of filming, and afforded some moments of rest.


Bonanza; "Tax Collector" 2/18/1961
Rawhide; "The Incident of the Phantom Bugler" 4/14/1961
Whispering Smith; "The Devil’s Share" 05/22/1961
Rawhide; "Incident of the Wager on Payday" 06/16/1961
Rawhide; "Judgement at Hondo Seco" 0/20/1961
Cheyenne; "Massacre at Gunsight Pass" 05/01/1961
77 Sunset Strip; "The Turning Point" 11/24/1961
Bronco; "The Harrigan" 2/25/1961
Sea Hunt; "Bionics" 1961
Hazel; episode 1961
Bonanza; "The Tall Stranger" 01/07/1962
Perry Mason; "The Case of the Mystified Miner" 02/24/1962
"The Underwater City" theatrical release 1962
77 Sunset Strip; "The Raiders" 11/02/1962
Lawman; "Heritage of Hate" 03/18/1962
Ben Casey; "Monument to an Aged Hunter" 03/19/1962
Tales of Wells Fargo; "Who Lives By the Gun" 03/24/1962
77 Sunset Strip; "Ghost of a Memory" 4/20/1962
Surfside 6; "Green Bay Riddle" 04/23/1962
Surfside 6; "Pawn’s Gambit" 06/04/1962
Frontier Circus; "Incident at Pawnee Gun" 09/06/1962
Have Gun Will Travel; "Taylor’s Woman" 09/22/1962
Have Gun Will Travel; "Marshal of Sweetwater" 11/24/1962
Laramie; "Beyond Justice" 11/27/1962
Sea Hunt "Quicksand" 1962
The Real McCoys; "The Crop Dusters" 01/06/1963
Laramie; "The Betrayers" 1/22/1963
Hawaiian Eye; "Two Too Many" 01/29/1963
My Favorite Martian; "A Loaf of Bread, A Jug of Wine and Peaches" 10/10/1963
Saints and Sinners; "Slug It, Miss Joyous" - 1963 episode
Ripcord; "The Well" - episode 2.35 - 1963 - playing insurance investigator Lucy Williams
"The Slowest Gun in the West" telefilm 1963
Wagon Train; "The Fort Pierce Story" 09/23/1963
Redigo; "Little Angel Blue Eyes" 10/29/1963
The Virginian; "Brother Thaddeus" 10/30/1963
Perry Mason; "The Case of the Festive Falcon" 11/28/1963

Bonanza Series Regular for four episodes as Laura Dayton
1)  "The Waiting Game" 12/08/1963

Temple Houston; "Fracas at Kiowa Flats" 12/12/1963
Arrest and Trial; "Run, Little Man, Run" 12/22/63 
77 Sunset Strip; "Alimony League" 01/10/1964

Bonanza 2) "The Cheating Game" 02/09/1964
Bonanza 3) "The Pressure Game" 05/10/1964
Bonanza 4) "Triangle" 05/17/1964

Alfred Hitchcock Hour; "Bed of Roses" 5/22/1964
The Farmer's Daughter; "Help Not Wanted" 11/06/1964 - episode 2.08 - playing a young maid who takes over the Morley residence
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.; "The Case of the Marine Bandit" 12/18/1964
    with Ellen Corby
"Man’s Favorite Sport" theatrical release 1964
"The Brass Bottle" theatrical release 1964

Slattery’s People Series Regular/Liz Andrews 1965-66
Season Two – 10 episodes
"A Sitting Duck Named Slattery" 09/17/1965
"He Who Has Ears, Let Him Bug"
"Someone Else" 09/24/1965
"How Impregnable is a Magic Tower?" 10/01/1965
"The Unborn" 10/08/1965
"Rally Round Your Own Flag, Mister" 0/15/1965
"What Do You Do With A Wounded
Tiger?" 0/22/1965
"The Hero" 11/05/1965
"Of Damon, Pythias, and Sleeping Dogs" 11/12/1965
"The Last Commuter" 19/1965
"Color Him Red" 11/26/1965

Perry Mason; "The Case of the Thermal Thief" 01/14/1965
Alfred Hitchcock Hour; "Wally the Beard" 03/01/1965
Wild Wild West; "The Night of the Human Trigger" 12/03/1965
"Brainstorm" theatrical release 1965
Branded; "Call to Glory" – 3-part episode 02/27; 03/06
, 03/13/66
Laredo; "The Sweet Gang" 11/04/1966
Felony Squad; "The Strangler" 01/30/1967
Wild Wild West; "The Night of the Colonel’s Ghost" 03/10/1967

Hondo Series Regular/Angie Dow 1967        

17 episodes (Sept-Dec 1967)
"Hondo and the Eagle Claw" 09/08/1967
"Hondo and the War Cry" 09/15/2967
"Hondo and the Singing Wire" 09/22/1967
"Hondo and the Superstition Massacre" 09/27/1967
"Hondo and the Savage" 10/06/1967
"Hondo and the Apache Kid" 10/13/1967
"Hondo and the War Lords" 10/20/1967
"Hondo and the Mad Dog" 10/27/1967
"Hondo and the Judas" 11/03/1967
"Hondo and the Commancheros" 11/10/1967
"Hondo and the Sudden Town" 11/17/1967
"Hondo and the Ghost of Ed Dow" 11/24/1967
"Hondo and the Death Drive" 12/01/1967
"Hondo and the Hanging Town" 12/08/1967
"Hondo and the Gladiators" 12/15/1967
"Hondo and the Apache Trail" 12/22/1967
"Hondo and the Rebel Hat" 12/29/1967

"Hondo and the Apaches" theatrical release 1967
(made from two episodes of the Hondo TV series)

Ironside; "The Lonely Hostage" 02/01/1968

The Outsider "For Members Only" (premiere) 09/18/1968; Starring Darren McGavin
"The 48-Hour Mile" (TV movie made from two Outsider episodes)

The Big Valley; "Deathtown" 10/28/1968

Name of the Game; "Shine on, Shine on, Jesse Gil" 11/01/1968; Starring Darren McGavin

Star Trek; "Wink of an Eye" 11/29/1968

The Outsider "Service for One" (final episode) 04/16/1969; Starring Darren McGavin

The Berlin Affair" TV movie 11/02/1970 Starring Darren McGavin

The Bold Ones: The Lawyers "The Invasion of Kevin Ireland" 09/26/1971 Starring Darren McGavin

Mannix; "The Man Outside" 11/24/1971
Longstreet; "Anatomy of a Mayday" 02/03/1972
Cade’s County; "Inferno" 02/27/1972

"43 – The Richard Petty Story" theatrical release 1972 Starring Darren McGavin (aka "Smash Up Alley")

"Happy Mother's Day, Love, George" (aka:  "Run Stranger Run") 1973 Produced and Directed by:  Darren McGavin

Police Story; "The Ripper" 02/12/1974 Starring Darren McGavin

The Evil Touch; "Gornak's Prism" 03/03/1974  Starring Darren McGavin

Banacek; "Now You See Me, Now You Don’t" 03/12/1974

The Evil Touch: "Gornak's Prism" with Darren McGavin 03/03/1974

Ironside; "Act of Vengeance" 11/14/1974

The Night Stalker "The Sentry" 03/28/1975 Starring Darren McGavin

Rockford Files; "Pastoria Prime Pick" 11/28/1975
Eddie Capra Mysteries; "And the Sea Shall Give Up Her Dead" 10/20/1978

The Love Boat "Panama Special" 11/01/1980 Starring Darren McGavin

(as Katherine Browne)

"Zero to Sixty" theatrical release 1978 Starring Darren McGavin


"American Reunion" theatrical release 1976 Co-written with Darren McGavin
Directed by Darren McGavin